What is the legislation regarding casinos and online gambling for Finns ?

What is the legislation regarding casinos and online gambling for Finns ?
Table of contents
  1. About Finnish online casino laws and regulations
  2. What are the elements to consider when choosing the best casino site in Finland ?
  1. Solid reputation and customer service
  2. Welcome offers and bonuses for regular customers
  3. Types of games and software providers
  4. Supported devices and available payment methods
  1. What are the most popular and recognized Finnish online casino games ?
  1. Slot machines
  2. Blackjack and roulette
  3. Dealer or croupier games

Finland, one of the Nordic countries, has a long tradition in gambling. With a diverse range of entertainment options available, it is important to point out that the Finns hold the European record for gambling. The gaming industry in Finland is thriving, with locals considering gaming one of their favorite pastimes.

About Finnish online casino laws and regulations

The history of gambling regulation in Finland dates back to the 1920s, with the introduction of legal rules for this industry. Over the decades, the country has maintained the legality of the gambling sector, due to the Finns’ enthusiasm for online casinos. Do not hesitate to visit the site to find out more about the netticasino.

In 1965, a significant step was taken with the passage of a major law legalizing and regulating various forms of gambling, including slot machines, casinos, lotteries and lotto, considered forms of lottery. In 2002, a major legislative overhaul took place with the establishment of a monopoly on the gambling industry, preventing international operators from opening physical casinos on Finnish territory.

The Finnish authorities have established regulatory bodies to supervise and regulate the gambling industry in the country. These entities include RAY (Finnish Slot Machine Association), Veikkaus Oy (Finnish National Betting Agency) and PAF (Aland Provincial Control). However, legislative changes occurred in 2019 and 2020, clarifying the distinction between online gambling establishments and their land-based counterparts.

Following these changes to the Lottery Act (1047/2001), the regulatory bodies were merged into a single agency, named Veikkaus. According to the new legal provisions, Finnish players can now access any online casino, provided that the casino is neither linked to Finland nor advertising in Finland.

Finnish players benefit from the opportunity to enjoy various online gaming platforms that accept their participation, and they are not subject to taxes on their winnings. However, licensed Finnish gaming operators are subject to a profit tax of 8.5%.

What are the elements to consider when choosing the best casino site in Finland ?

When selecting the best online casinos in Finland, here are the key elements that casinos should have, and you should know them :

Solid reputation and customer service

Look for reputable online gaming platforms. Make sure there have been no major scandals associated with the platform and check the SSL certificates as well as encryption settings. Additionally, a quality online casino must offer top-notch customer service. Opt for a platform that offers friendly, knowledgeable and professional customer support.

Welcome offers and bonuses for regular customers

Welcome offers and bonuses are crucial. Opt for a site that offers an attractive offer for new players with clear and reasonable conditions. Look for platforms that reward regular players with beneficial promotions.

Types of games and software providers

The variety of games offered by the online gaming platform is of paramount importance, especially for Finnish players who favor slot machines. Many online gaming platforms offer games from a variety of developers, but their reputation varies. It is a good idea to look for sites that offer games from globally recognized gaming software, as this ensures the quality of the games available.

Supported devices and available payment methods

When choosing an online gaming platform in Finland, accessibility is another key element to consider. Given Finns’ love for gaming, mobile compatibility is essential. Online gaming involves real money deposits, which is why Finnish players should favor online gaming platforms that offer safe and secure payment methods.

What are the most popular and recognized Finnish online casino games ?

Finns are big gaming fans, spending on average around $15 per week to indulge in their passion. However, not all games are equally appreciated by Finnish punters. Here are the most popular games among them.

Slot machines

Slot machines are by far the favorite games of chance among Finnish players. Finns’ love for slot machines is probably due to the fact that the first games of chance introduced to Finland were slot machines. Now, video slots dominate online casinos and Finns can select one of the thousands of slot games on offer.

Blackjack and roulette

Blackjack is a fairly popular game of chance in Finland and is gaining popularity on popular online gaming platforms. European blackjack, classic blackjack and single deck blackjack are the most popular varieties of blackjack among Finns. Online roulette is also very popular in Finland, and people here often choose French roulette, European roulette or American roulette.

Dealer or croupier games

Live casino games offer an experience close to that of a real casino, and they are gaining popularity in Finland. Many online casinos offer a wide selection of live casino games, which mainly benefits Finnish players.

As you have understood, Finnish legislation on casinos and online games of chance is a complex and dynamic structure, aiming to balance the national enthusiasm for this entertainment and the imperatives of protecting players. Through careful regulation and a state monopoly that channels profits toward social welfare, Finland creates a safe and fair playing environment for its citizens. Despite clear restrictions on foreign operators, Finnish players remain free to enjoy a wide range of online games.

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