A lot of questions have been asked about self-driving cars and also people want a car that can take them anywhere without drivers intervention. With the advanced of technology all this request has been granted. This article will tip you about self-driving cars.

Cars That Can Almost Drive Themselves

Cars that can almost drive themselves are automatic vehicles because of the impressive technology that reduce driver stress by taking over steering functions, they also match the car’s speed to road signs, they have a number of active safety features which are automatic emergency brake, that help to minimize the risk of accident. Examples of self-driving cars are five levels of autonomy vehicles which are level 0, level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4 and level5. Level 0 is a type of car that is under human control it has safety features like forward collision warming, emergency braking. Level 1 vehicles may have lane keep assistants which is capable in providing little degree of steering, acceleration or braking input. Level 2 autonomy this type of car can release some driving duty from the driver with the help of onboard cameras and Rada sensors which could keep driving at a steady speed in vehicle-free surroundings the only thing the driver needs is just to focus on the road. Level 3 is a vehicle that takes total driver controls, this car allows the driver to do any other things but it might not drive itself in bad weather. Level 4 did not need any driver input, it is able to adapt to more road and weather conditions the last level is 5 this car drives every time no matter the weather or types of road. But research has made us understand that it will be the last game for self-driving technology.

Future of self-driving car

Full autonomy level 5 vehicles can drive itself in any conditions be it bad roads or bad weather which will make the passenger care free, this means the passenger can take a nap, play games without having any problem with driving. But this type of car is under the experimental stage.